Hi, I’m Maddie, the blonde behind The Buzzing Blonde.


Where it all began

Born and raised in Indiana, I am your typical Midwest girl, super friendly and eager to help.

My passion for helping small businesses with social media began in high school. I worked at a small, family owned farmer’s market but had a great love for all things modern and social media. While working there, I suggested to the owner that he put his business online and start connecting to his audience. I still remember the owner laughing at me and told me that would be a silly idea because his audience didn’t use social media. Side note: his clientele were all baby boomers (aka the biggest audience on Facebook). As the years went on and he joined Facebook he agreed to letting me run his social media accounts. I look back and see that he no longer has a social media presence for his business which makes me sad because I truly believe it is social media that keeps small businesses open in today’s world.

Although I am a true Hoosier girl, my heart was always set on living in a big city. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago (#goblers) where I majored in advertising and public relations and earned a minor in marketing. During college I studied abroad, was a college representative for both Cosmopolitan Magazine and Bumble, interned for adidas, Margie Korshak Ink, and Social Sparkling Wine. boutique PR firm where I learned from some of the best public relation experts and attended multiple events, worked for a now billion dollar company and interned for adidas one summer when I came home.


Chicago will forever have my heart but I realized after graduating that if I wanted to make a name for myself, I had to go back home. Six months after moving back, I landed my dream job back at Adidas working as a graphic designer in the marketing department. My mission is to help small, creative startups and entrepreneurs in Indy who want to understand social media, grow their following, connect authentically, and see revenue grow.

Having a full-time job and a side hustle isn’t always easy, but I also wouldn’t trade it for the world. Now that you have gotten to know a little bit about me, I would love to hear a little bit about you and your business!