It's Time To Unplug

Isn’t it funny how the universe works? It seems as if I keep making these plans for myself and the universe says, “Nah, I’ve got other plans for you. Bigger and better plans.” 

At the beginning of this year, I set goals for myself as The Buzzing Blonde. Goals that included gaining more clients, growing my online following and earning more money. I came up with a five-year business plan that included growing The Buzzing Blonde enough to be able to quit Adidas by 2024.

 If you have been following me since the beginning of this year, you know that I haven’t gained any new clients, in fact I have parted ways with a few, my online following has stayed pretty steady, I’ve lost money, and this is my last week at Adidas.

The weeks leading up to this moment in time have been emotional, overwhelming and unforgettable. If I’m being completely honest, more than ever, I have not only thought about quitting The Buzzing Blonde, but I have WANTED to quit. I’ve let anxiety flood my body to the point of paralyzing myself. Realizing this, I decided to unplug not just from the social media world, but also from “The Buzzing Blonde” herself for a few weeks. I did a lot of reflecting and came to realize that it’s not that I want to quit The Buzzing Blonde, I just lost sight of her for a little while.

My “why” as The Buzzing Blonde hasn’t changed. It is still my mission to help small business owners connect with their customers both online and offline. I started The Buzzing Blonde as a creative outlet rather than a business. I love helping my clients create their own content and seeing their faces when they see results. I love hearing them tell me they had customers come into their store and compliment their online presence. However; somewhere along the way, The Buzzing Blonde became more of a business than a creative outlet. After a while, I found myself using all my creative juices to help my clients. I would come home after working a full day at Adidas and find that there weren’t any creative juices left for my content or myself.

Looking back at my original goals I created for myself this past January I can’t help but laugh at myself. Why? Well, because In two weeks, I’ll be joining Unplug Soy Candles full time as their Director of Marketing because of my business!

Because of The Buzzing Blonde I met Jennifer, the owner of Unplug Soy Candles back in November of 2018 and shortly after that started consulting her. Because of The Buzzing Blonde I’ll now get to be in the trenches of a small business daily while doing all of the creative things I love full time. Because of The Buzzing Blonde I will work alongside great people while continuing to connect with our customers both online and offline while being an integral part of taking our company to the next level.  Because of The Buzzing Blonde I was able to quit Adidas in 2019!

 As we start to approach the holiday season, I want you to be kind to yourself. Remember- it’s okay to go missing from social media for a day or two, even a week.  Maybe you’ll need a month off like me. 

 Unplugged for the past few weeks has made me realize a few things:

  1. I want to continue The Buzzing Blonde as a social media consultant more than a manager.

  2. The Buzzing Blonde (just like social media) is going to evolve over time. My wants and needs will change, just like my career goals and THAT IS OKAY.

  3. I still want to be able to hire employees and take on more accounts one day.

  4. Anxiety happens. Bubble baths, facials, good eyebrows and eyelash extensions help.

  5. I’m going to start focusing more on writing for this blog than my own social media content. I will forever and always post content but I’m done spending literally ALL my energy on Instagram and Facebook. It’s time to start sharing content and posts about Pinterest and YouTube.

  6. I am excited to have an advertising budget for the first time. I majored in advertising and I am ready to channel my inner Don Draper.

  7. It’s okay to go missing for a little bit. Your true “fans” and friends will remain close.

  8. I am excited to reconnect with you all again.

So bees, how are you going to unplug for the remainder of 2019?